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Living in the dark- Sam Jones

Through the many questions running through my mind about this completely abstract topic, my biggest one of my own personal inquiry would not be to emphasize on a time in my life where I’ve felt like I’m in a cave but really when I am not. To be more specific, the question of where our precedent knowledge comes from is completely beyond me, and probably many others. I find myself questioning the actuality of many things since starting this class. It’s confusing and exciting and over all leaves me completely anxious.

Learning of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave reminds me of last year, moving away from everything I thought I knew into something completely unknown. In the middle of high school, I moved city’s, home’s, school’s and friends. Every single aspect of my life had changed and I didn’t know how to handle it. I was repeatedly questioning what was going on, hoping for a glimmer of clarity, begging for something to make sense.

For a slight overview, as well as a very agreeable perception, this video was very helpful in helping me to comprehend this topic.

We talked about moral obligations of enlightening people upon our beliefs and or knowledge about our own experiences, and I do have to agree that spreading your findings feels like something of human nature. I believe humans strive for acceptance and approval from others, so whether or not you’re sharing your thoughts for the factor of compassion for other people, or you’re simply doing it for yourself, it must be done. Over all, I truly believe Earth is one giant cave that every human is semi connected into, living vicariously through each other in unimaginable ways.


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  1. ami says:

    This was very insightful Sam, I completely agree with your statement of saying that people strive for acceptance. We are all so worried of judgement and humiliation, and we are all wanting to fit in. I found your way of perceiving the cave was inspiring, and it gave me a new outlook on the theory. I wish you the best of luck in Philosophy this semester :)) hope we can become friends!!


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