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(Marina) Caught in a bubble

We have so much of the world to discover, but yet most of us stay where we are comfortable because it’s easy and we know what to do. Our lives are so simple, with everything we desire at our fingertips. We have everything we need in a walking, or short ride distance. Every place in the world live life with their own twist. The population of a small town called, Gold River, located on Vancouver Island, is smaller than the population of Gleneagle Secondary School. In 2013, Gold River had a graduating class of 11 students. The people of Gold River don’t have the same luxuries as us, but they have their own. In order for them to get their weekly groceries, they have to dedicate a whole day to drive to the next town over (2 hour drive away!). A regular day for these people are so different than ours.

When I was little I was told about old, deserted, towns like Gold River, but growing up in the city it’s hard to imagine. I had always visualized what I thought the town would look like. I remember I would visualize old towns from the Scooby-Doo books in my head.  It wasn’t until I saw the town with my own eyes that I had a clear vision. It was nothing like I had imagined.

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Green grass, small houses, empty sidewalks and roads. Generations, and generations, have grown up there. Family names are practically carved in the sidewalks. This lifestyle attracts certain people, but it can also repel others. The people that are happy with their lives in Gold River, generally don’t feel the need to explore the world. A lot of them don’t know what life is like off Vancouver Island. How would Gold River change if people had adventures outside of Vancouver Island under their belts? Would it change the overall environment? We can wonder all we want, but we will never know.


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