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Reality Check 101

Another philosophical question another stumped Rosa. As I sit in my bed, sick and tired, I decided to play some music and get into a flow. The song Hard to Face Realty came on, and a though popped into my head. As the song played, so did my thoughts the though of me still not facing my reality… to me my “reality” is going to university, getting a house, being married and having kids before I’m old(25). But the truth is reality isn’t going to be how we planned it to be, and thats what I find myself struggling to take in. I plan to go in to Psychology when I graduate taking classes at University of Toronto, after getting a masters or PH.D then finding a steady job. But who am I kidding life isn’t that easy and theres to much road bumps.

As I think back to the second day of school, my reality was told to me when I was crying (yes I cried on the second day of school). I was going to my counsellors’ that day to talk to them about taking courses I needed for university, and no surprise there I was shut down before I could even explain. After begging for 5 minutes the only course they let me switch into was Math 12, which was at least something. But for me to take the course I needed to drop Law, a class I was looking forward to since last year, and thats when all my stress and emotion hit me. I was balling my eyes out and shaking since I didn’t want to drop Law for Math, and the fact that I have now one less grade 12 course for university. Which meant there’s a lower chance for me to get in to UofT, and thats when the counsellor looked me saying along the lines of “do you have a plan b?”. I knew it meant going to collage for 2 years before university but the fact of going to collage made me think how it’s going to slow down my timeline, and that in my “reality” there wasn’t a plan B it was always work harder for plan A.

Now looking back I find myself being the person in the Plato’s cave looking at the shadows, where my reality felt real to me and that it was planned to stay. And the truth is I’m still not complete outside the cave, I’m still inside looking at the shadows once in while trying to believe that my “reality” is really that easy. I’m in the cave but I know theres something outside of it to be explore and such but for now I just choice to peak outside once in a while. The reality of me not being to reach my goals, scare the living day light out of me. If I want to really to face my reality it’s coming to know that I might have to go with plan B, and that it takes time to accept the truth.




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