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Draw-String Theory (Philosophy Presentation Post)

This is my post just showcasing the presentation I did on how Plato’s Cave is comparable to a hoodie drawstring.


  1. Philosophy as a whole = a hoodie.
  2. The specifics (categories/branches) of philosophy = drawstrings.
  3. When you look and notice that one end of the drawstring is longer than the other = initial discovery/question
  4. Pulling on the drawstring to adjust the lengths = first question and attempting to solve the question.
  5. The other end of the drawstring becomes shorter than the first = new question.
  6. Even on a molecular level, the drawstrings would be uneven = specifics/details.
  7. Every movement of even the finest strand would make another uneven.
  8. Plato’s Cave is the ignorance towards uneven drawstrings.
  9. Enlightenment = When you accept the drawstrings will never be even but continue to pull ( continue to question and accept new thoughs and point of view).




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