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Let’s all pretend that I, Jordan, said this instead of the mess that was my in-class presentation.

Philosophy is like panning for gold in a bathtub. Lemme just make sure you guys are on the same page as me because I know I read probably too much but not everyone else does. Panning for gold you all know right? Swirling sand and dirt around and out of a pan until you’ve only got gold left in the pan. We’ve all heard of the gold rush. So basically that, but in a bathtub. Pretend bathtubs have sand in them.


Back to it then. Philosophy, the search for the truth of existence, is like panning for gold in a biiiig bathtub, more like an olympic sized swimming pool. Also almost everyone else in the world will at some point try panning the tub at some point or another. And there’s only like, one actual nugget of real gold, it might not even be there. Sure there’s a chance you can find gold, it’s just more likely that you won’t. But if you really want to find the gold, you will spend the rest of your life panning the same pool because maybe, just maybe, you’ll find the gold this time.
I don’t mean to say that looking for the truth is useless, iron pyrites/fools gold made many (delusional) men into happy gold panners, and much the same we’ve already read of philosophers who found their own version of “the truth” through discussion with themselves and others. Maybe one day while panning the bathtub someone else says they’ve found gold, but to you what someone else sees as gold could be just more sand. Who knows though, maybe fools gold will be valuable one day, and maybe David Hume was on the right track when he wrote his dialogue on the nature of Gods’ existence (mentioned in the Talk With Me reading). Unfortunately, for now fools golds’ only value is as a souvenir and David Hume wrote the phrase, “[A] planet, wholly inhabited by spiders, (which is very possible)”  in complete seriousness. So I guess philosophers are going to have to keep panning this large, large bathtub until they find their truth


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