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What is Philosophy?

(originally in presentation form)

To me, Philosophy is the irrational ex that makes you reconsider everything. After the break up they continue calling you horrible things, knowing that it will trigger something inside of you. When you see them in public a couple weeks later, they act as if they had never done you wrong.. But you remember all the terror and heartache they caused, so you know better than to stab yourself in the same place twice.

The correlation between philosophy and a bad break up may not be clear but it is the acquired wisdom that is shared. The same wisdom that allows us to not make the same mistake twice is the same wisdom that allows us to learn, through the process of being uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is not a bad thing, as it allows us to understand who we are better. When times are tough and we, alone, are stuck with the pain, we learn to overcome it as life goes on. Similarly to how when studying philosophy, some ideas will stick and require pondering, while others will come through one ear and out the other. The thoughts that make us uncomfortable will make us into the person we want to become, similarly to how some relationships will shape us into the people we are meant to be.

Spend enough time being uncomfortable, and you will become.. comfortable.


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