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Isabella’s Confusing Last Minute Nonesense

What is philosophy? To me, philosophy is like an indigenous plant. For all you kids that didn’t pay attention in science 10, an indigenous plant is a naturally occurring or native plant. Essentially, where it grows can determine what type of plant it can be. However, just like plants, we will all flourish differently and take away our own thoughts and opinions on philosophy.

To start literally from the ground up, every plant starts with a seed. I think the seed is basically where we start on our philosophical journey. The seed, being each individual person, is like everyone’s personal views on philosophy. So what your own personal philosophies are is like the starting point. Much like philosophy, roots are derived from the seed meaning your own personal philosophies come from past experiences and quite literal “roots” from your past. Only after our “roots” are planted can we begin flourishing with our knowledge and perspectives.

I think that the indigenous or native side to my analogy was to mean indigenous to each person; native to yourself so to speak. And just like plants, we differ from each other in a variety of ways.

Moving on to one of the growing agents of indigenous plants: soil. The soil is represented by different influences such as friends, parents and teachers. They can help you grow by the additions of knowledge and perspective into your life. They can enrich your learning and provide necessities such as different materials and feedback.  The sun can represent the overlying concepts of philosophy in a relatively broad sense. And just like how plants power their growth via the sun and photosynthesis, we can use the big ideas in philosophy to kick start our own growing process in philosophy.

From there, the environment in which the plant rises can also affect how it grows much as the environment we learn philosophy in influences our learning and our capability to grow. This can relate back to Plato’s allegory of the cave because we can so easily be manipulated into thinking that certain practices or the ‘norm’,. The people in the cave had been conditioned to think in such a limited way, therefore couldn’t grasp the concept of an outside world.  Basically, your personal philosophies can sort of be pre-determined by the environment just like plants. Indigenous plants also have various things relying on them similarly to how many things rely on philosophy as a base such as morals and ethics. Just like indigenous trees are a burrowing place for insects and small mammals, philosophy is like a burrowing place for multiple ideas.


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