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Why Philosophy is like a bag of chips. Sam Jones

Philosophy is like a bag of chips.

To think of it literally, imagine yourself reaching into those Sweet Chili & Sour Cream Miss Vickie’s chips. The excitement is slowly creeping down your fingers as you open the bag, just to open to a whopping gust of air. That is the first round of disappointment. You continue to reach in for the ever longing taste that you’ve grown to love. The first few chips are okay, then you grab a burnt brown chip. This alters the way you feel about these chips, but continue to wearily try again even after the discontent you just endured. You continue this process until you find yourself in a cycle. Eating a crunchy chip, a sour chip, a good chip. If you’re starting to wonder how this at all relates to Philosophy, relate it to yourself in a daily situation. For example, I can relate this towards my Plato’s Allegory of the cave reading. I get myself into a cycle of habit. Habit is a stable and not easily altered disposition to act in a certain way, usually acquired by repetition of such acts. You push yourself to do something that’s considered the ‘norm’ whereas Plato was pushed out into a completely parallel universe than which he was used to. I myself relate to this because I also find myself lost in a trend, or pushing myself to do something just to follow what’s going on around me. I think that a lot of people feel pressured to fit into this type of box, but nobody knows where it’s shape lies. When you step out of it, you’re instantly judged and objectified, making everything feel surreal.

That moves me along to my second point.


Me and you may think the burnt brown chip is distasteful. But what about Ami who challenges that? Philosophical meaning is nothing when no one is there to challenge what you’re saying, that is the meaning of Philosophical inquiry. Maybe some people don’t even like miss vickie’s chips. What a world we would live in. My point is, everyone’s predispositions are somehow chosen, through biological happenings or just a luck of nature. By someone, or something. Everyone’s opinions are different due to the exact reason that perspective from each and every person will almost never be persistent.

You take a chance of eating a gross chip in hopes to find the one you like. Or better yet, to find another one. This ties me into my first document of learning. I was completely and utterly confused, something I can guarantee I will always be. I was focusing on my goals and personal aspirations, and this made me realize that not following that cycle of sticking your hand in the chip bag, in hopes for that delicious chip, is something I will start to improve on. Sometimes you have to let things fall out into a natural occurrence, letting what’s to be, be. I am always pushing myself into a box, hoping to get some sort of beneficial factor correlated into my life. Every chip I eat has somehow altered how I feel, but I will still continue to eat the chips. As will you, and everyone else. Because no matter what alters your feelings towards the chips, your initial feeling(s) will remain the same.


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