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Document of Learning #1

My first week in Philosophy was, to be quite honest, mystifying. Coming into this course, I thought that with past exposure to philosophical ideas and concepts, it would be a breeze for me. However, I find it hard to grasp some of the things we are learning, and I have been struggling to participate in class discussions. I think what hit me the most was after we did the Philosophy quiz, I realized what it truly took to exceed in this course: active engagement inside AND outside the classroom. Keeping this in mind, I set some goals for the rest of the semester that I will work towards completing. First of all, I want to be able to incorporate the messages shared in this class into my daily life and with the people I am close to. I have gotten to a point in my life where I constantly crave conversations of substance, not just the daily gossip thats going around school. I am always interested in learning about current events, and love to debate with others on controversial issues. I want to ask bigger questions and build better connections with the people I am surrounded by, and I feel like immersing myself into this subject will help me accomplish that. Another goal of mine is that I want to develop self-awareness about my personal perspectives, and be open to accepting and understanding new ones. I have always been a stubborn person who fixates on specific ideas. I want to work towards changing this about myself by learning to be more open-minded and accepting. As for personal aspirations in Philosophy itself, I would like to develop the capacity to think creatively about philosophical texts and issues, and to be able to express my own ideas concisely and defend them in arguments. 

The first thing we talked about in philosophy is love and wisdom. Looking more into wisdom, I believe it comes in many different forms and it can be acquired at any time from anything or anyone. There are many different types of wisdom, but I have condensed them into three different categories: book wisdom, experiential wisdom, and instinctive wisdom. Book wisdom is the kind of wisdom you learn at school-usually they are divided into different categories just like subjects. Most believe that this kind of wisdom is essential for living in our world. For example, you need a certain level of education(or have a certain level of understanding and wisdom in a specific area of study) to get a job. No one can deny that this kind of wisdom is important and useful, however I feel like the next type of wisdom is just as necessary, if not more. Experiential wisdom comes from actively participating in life itself. For me, this covers everything from daily interactions with people to having basic street smarts. Experiential wisdom obviously comes from experiences you obtain over your life span, however I don’t think just because someone is older that they have a greater sense of experiential knowledge. Just like book wisdom, there is no way to measure what types of experiential knowledge are more valuable than others, however it is something everyone develops no matter their circumstances. The last type of wisdom I want to discuss is instinctive wisdom. This type of wisdom is something that everyone is born with. It is certain feelings we have, urges to do certain things, and even understanding what others are feelings or what they want. I find it really interesting to think about how we know what we know; wisdom is everywhere and in everyone. We are acquiring it everyday, in ways that we don’t even realize.


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