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Philosophy is like a 500 piece puzzle

For my presentation, my metaphor was “Philosophy is like a 500 piece puzzle”. I have included my Prezi and my script for the presentation.



Slide 1: My metaphor is: “Philosophy is like a 500 piece puzzle”. This metaphor is slightly strange and random, but rest assured I will explain to you my reasoning. May I ask first if anyone actually likes doing puzzles? yes/no? Well I for one really do not.

Slide 2: This brings me to the first side of my analogy. Just like philosophy, for me personally it often makes me feel very frustrated. Just as there are hundreds of pieces, there are hundreds of ways to approach analyzing a certain topic, hundreds of different perspectives you must consider, and hundreds of ways to get lost and confused with your own doing. For example, thinking of the allegory of the cave which is something our class was working with recently, when I was sitting down to write my reflection and consider where I stood in terms of the cave, I was totally lost. I wanted to say that I would be able to confidently take the risk of leaving the cave and go out to experience everything I had missed, yet I do understand why the prisoners chose to stay and their reasoning is something I can relate to, as I also often cling to the comfortability of what know. This is because in philosophy especially, I don’t think anything is ever black and white. The definition of philosophy itself is the study of fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence. How can there possibly be one right idea to these expansive topics? Now you might say, “Well isn’t a puzzle pretty black and white? Because all the pieces will eventually fit together at one point”. This is very true, however it’s the process in which you get the point of actually completely the puzzle that is difficult and confusing. This brings me to the other side of my analogy:

Slide 3: Completing the puzzle. How do you feel when you complete a 500 piece puzzle? The first emotions that come to mind are happy, proud, and accomplished. This can be related to how you feel when you work through your thoughts, and find a clear path of understanding with philosophy. It is critical that you have all the puzzle pieces; if one is missing the picture is not complete. Just like all the pieces coming together to make a whole picture, you group all your thoughts, perspectives, and ideas to create your own opinion.


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