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Philosophy is like a pair of shoes

Philosophy is like a pair of shoes, we wander and sometimes lose track of where we are and what we’re looking for, so we may retrace our steps and forget where we came from, leading us to a new path and experience, like tangent ideas that branch out from an obscurely related source. In the car we hit the accelerator and barely notice familiar and unchanging surroundings, but when we see something new or distracting, we slow down for a moment, and may even free our feet from the pressure completely, stop the car, and marvel at the scenery and the lake that stole our attention. Laces untied, we free our feet from the shoes, which may symbolize the grip of our ideas, and jump into the lake to explore its unfamiliar space, and return to our shoes with damp feet, briefly allowing us to step back and reflect from an outer perspective. Footprints on the sand leave traces of ourselves behind, and will be washed or blown away with time, symbolizing the temporary mark we leave, the mark of ideas that live and pass. In Plato’s allegory of the cave, the prisoners who remained were exposed to an illusion of reality and their imagination did not stretch beyond the walls of the cave, similar to containing our ideas and struggling to move forward, which could relate to taking a break on a journey and loosening the shoes from our feet for a few minutes before moving forward. We grow out of our shoes like we grow out of our ideas, which we soon replace with new ones. Muddy puddles and sharp stones will always be waiting, similar to expecting criticism. Our shoes give us unique perspectives from where we stand, creating diversity in what we share and after all, the sole purpose of discussion is to step in different directions and try to untangle the knot of a greater idea (?) “The love of wisdom” is explored in the journeys we take, shoebites, and looking forward to exploring new trails.


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