Talons Philosophy

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Kyle’s really late thoughts on philosophy

For the first day in this class, I was genuinely lost. I really had no idea what was going on or what people were saying. Willie especially hit me with some deep stuff that just flew right over me. I was kinda worried. If it stayed like this, I’d be screwed. But the day after, I understood so much more than I expected. As the week progressed, I understood more and learned quite a few things. I liked listening to other people’s ideas about existence, our society, and what philosophy is to them.

Going into this class on the first day, I had only one expectation; to argue and discuss things within the class. Other than that, I had no expectations. I didn’t expect to talk about anything that we have talked about. Philosophy is the nature of things, which is really, really vague. EveryTHING is a thing… so we can talk about anything and everything. There’s really no limits to this class, and I really like that because you don’t see much of that in any other class. I was having issues with it being too vague, but I think I was just overthinking that. Now that I actually understand what we’re doing, I like it being this vague rather than the usual, strict rules with school work.

I’m not hoping or expecting to discuss any certain things in this class. I’m an open book and cool with doing whatever as long as it’s not redundant or pointless. One thing I think we should do however is discuss social issues (the bad things that happen and how we could try to resolve them). Overall, I am enjoying the class. I think this class gives a great way to learn through a personal way and to connect with the people among us. I look forward to whatever interesting things we may approach this semester.


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