Talons Philosophy

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Philosophy is a wrinkled t-shirt.

Philosophy is a wrinkled t-shirt. Where each one of the wrinkles represent our thoughts and ideas. We all think that most of our t-shirts don’t have wrinkles but they’re there. Somewhere on your t-shirt there are wrinkles there and that isn’t a bad thing. If we look around, no two people have the same wrinkles on their t-shirt, just like how no two people have the exact same ideas. They’re very similar but what makes philosophy so interesting is how there is an infinite amount of thoughts and ideas we could have, just like wrinkles. As we go through our lives, there are people who will condition and iron our thoughts away so we look better on the outside. But every single time, the thoughts will come back no matter how many times we iron them away. They come back as different wrinkles, different thoughts, some are too noticeable and you can’t wear the t-shirt that day. But you don’t throw out that t-shirt just because of one bad wrinkle. If it’s a bad idea that doesn’t mean that you are a bad person it means that you can develop that idea into something good just like how even though that t-shirt is very wrinkled, if you just iron away the bad wrinkles it’s still a good shirt.

Bad wrinkles aren’t the only thing that shape us. If you go to a restaurant and get your t-shirt stained, it is just another life event that you’ve been through. It changes you and molds your wrinkly t-shirt into the one it is today.

Maybe it is your favorite t-shirt and it had been through a lot. It’s wrinkled and it is stained. But you are so stuck on wearing it and not having to throw it out for fear that there is no other t-shirt like that one. Just like philosophy, sometimes we fear that bad things will happen if we change our ideas. But being trapped in the Platos cave of t-shirts, discovering a brand new, wrinkle free t-shirt that you can mold and stain may open up your world.


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