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Logical Argument

As a huge fan of hip-hop, I had come across a ’50 Cent’ quote without much thought a couple of years ago. Although I had actually forgotten where it came from, the general idea of the quote stuck with me.

Someone had asked him, “When do you sleep 50?”

His response?

‘Sleep? sleep is for those who are broke. I don’t sleep, I might miss the opportunity to make a dream become a reality.’

Enough of talking about ’50’, here’s my logical argument:


I need sleep

Sleep is for the poor

Therefore I am poor

The logic behind the saying is:

Wealthy people sacrifice sleep (which is a part of being healthy) for wealth, it is flawed logic because the ‘ideal’ person (if they were to exist) would give themselves more than enough time to rest.

Is it valid? No, because people with money sleep too. Although the saying is forming a correlation between a lack of sleep and wealth, it is not guaranteed in life that if you choose to not sleep you will strike wealth.

Is it true? Well depends on who you ask and where you come from. The question can be answered in various ways depending on social economical ideologies: Capitalism (would most likely agree) , Consumerism (most likely disagree), or perhaps even Communism (could be either).

Since the argument is not valid, not guaranteed to be true, we can not conclude that it is sound.





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