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Yury’s Cave

A part of my life that felt identical to the story of Plato’s Cave occurred when I began sacrificing things that were once important to me for things that people could not understand. Even the people who were most close to me actually began resenting me for it whether they said it or not. The problem is that they could have done the same thing for anything they loved, but it was easier for them to live their life being negative and not knowing.. and that’s okay with me. A person who was capable of being exceptionally great at something would have taken note, that is why I know not to dwell about trying to ‘enlighten’ people who do not want to be enlightened.

One thing that is harder than anything is getting people to read. Because that is a direct way to enlightenment and the person knows it. From my experience most people will talk about making all the right steps, give you 100 reasons why they should. Yet go home and think of 100 reasons why not to.

I have given dozens of friends different books that they have told me they were going to finish reading by the end of the week, but when I ask them about it their excuse is that they would rather enjoy short-lived entertainment such as television, because once again, you don’t need to think. The writers do all the thinking for you.

Truth is, most people are not afraid to try new things, but they are terrified of risk. They will try most opportunities that are in-front of them, but if it requires any form of sacrifice they will be the first ones to come up with an excuse.
Those who escape the cave should look for others who have escaped the cave, not try and save the ones who exile and humiliated them because they simply do not know better.


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