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Camille – Logic Assignment


P1: Countries have different cultures

Every country has a different culture. But what do I mean by that? Learning a new culture is beyond of speaking a new language or eating a different type of food. By culture I mean seeing people from another country that have another point of view about the world,  looking on the mirror and seeing a new person that you don’t recognize. You learn an entire new perspective from life. In some countries people like to touch each other as  in others it is something not polite, people have different rules; laws are different and right or wrong are questionable. Each country has it’s own histories and values. Holidays are different and celebrating it in each part of the world could surprise you. Even countries that are separated by borders they are totally different,because of their culture and their beliefs. There’s no wrong or right you just have to accept that nationality makes a big difference in someone’s personality. Like if you put people from different countries together this would be very confusing because they are very different from each other (culturally speaking) .

P2: Travelling to / living in a different country involves learning a new culture

When you travel or move to a different country you have to adapt yourself to a different culture. You create a new life and you start everything again, is like being back to your childhood, you learn new values and create a new personality. You change the way that your dress, maybe because of the weather or maybe because of the dress code at your new country. When you travel everything seems perfect and pretty, your problems are not there and you are just walking around. You are exploring a place that you never been before. Perhaps when you move at the beginning the feeling is the same but after a while things get harder. Not because the place is not good but because you have different customs. You could be the time that you eat, the way that you dress or the expressions that you use, when you move to a country that you are not familiar with you start missing your “home”. You know the feeling of moving to a new school or starting a new job and the only thing that you want is to fit in? That’s the same feeling of arriving in a new country. You have to make new friends and try to “act” like them, I mean they have a different sense of humor, hobbies are not the same and ways to have fun could be an issue, so you have to learn to adapt. Even the food, sometimes you can surprise yourself by eating something that you never thought you would eat. Or maybe you will try new physical activities because it’s part of the culture. Travelling / living in a different country means sharing and getting experiences, everything becomes possible and the world becomes small to you.

Cultures are complex

Complex means composed of many interconnected parts; compound; composite. So why are cultures complex? Mostly because they can be seen in different points of views. Culture could be the way that a nation/person act, think, talk, work or even their beliefs. Culture is a huge subject to talk about and it can guide to to different directions. The way that people are educated comes from culture, the way that you celebrate a holiday came from your culture. What I’m trying to say is that culture covers knowledge, you end up with different ways to define culture which makes it very complex, you may be talking about languages ​​or about ways to act both are in the same subject but they go in different ways of thoughts because everything is included in the word culture. 

Learning complex things is hard

Everything that is complex demands of you a greater effort to understand it. You have to know all the  possible answers that will make  you
understand the subject. It becomes difficult because it guides you in many directions and you can get lost. For example when we are talking
about something complex with two people they can have different ideas on the subject. There's not  a right answer, there are several.All because 
complexity is something extensive and can be interpreted in many ways. So when we say that culture is complex we meant that culture could
have a lot of definitions and interpretations. It's hard to learn all the ways that a subject can be explained. 

C: Therefore traveling to / living in a different country is difficult.

Trips are always exciting, moving to a new place sometimes are not that exciting but both brings you a new feeling and good memories. But they are not easy. I mean if you are not willing to change your life style and add different cultures in your life than you are going to have a bad time by doing it. They are hard but not impossible you just need to want it. Sometimes all you need is time, things will fall into place and you will begin to adapt and things will become easier. What was a strange habit becomes normal and you finally begins to understand your new country, you begin to think more like your new nation and finally you start to acquire this new culture. You will never leave your roots you will learn how to fit a culture into another and finally feel complete. Every difficult moment that you had passed will bring you something good in return: Wisdom. So as life, travelling is not simple or easy but you just have to do your best and you will get over it.

Truth? Yes, all my premises and my conclusion are truth, my answers and argument were based on my own experience about learning about a new culture and I did a research about culture, complexity and learning both. I would say that everything is true . For some people might be easier to get to learn a new culture which still a hard thing to do.

Validity? My argument is deductive which makes it valid, looking at my argument and it’s premises you can see that is valid. All my premises are justifying my argument, making it more concrete and easy to follow. The points that I made were to prove you that my argument is valid and considered true. Logically thinking about my argument and premises you will probably have the same conclusion that I did which makes the argument valid. Plus my argument relates with my conclusion so even if my premises weren’t true my argument would be valid.

Soundness? My argument is valid and true which makes it sound. So yes my argument has soundness.

This argument affects the society that we live in. People move to different countries all the time and they should be aware that is not easy to go to a place where people are totally different from you. They have another point of view of life and things. The way that they act, think and talk to you. It’s going to affect your life and personality. It does not make you wrong it just make you different. And if you are on the other side of the story like you have someone from a new country in your life you should understand that is not easy for them to be there, so try to be patient. I think even though everyone is different and they have different beliefs if we help each other we could live in a better world. Culture is a big thing in our lives the better we know the better we will be. So my reflection is about how learning a new culture by travelling or moving reflects in our lives and it changes us in various ways. .


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