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Logic Of Pit bull (the dog breed not Mr.Worldwide)

Pit bulls are known to have a bad reputation. Their muscular build, “hold and shake” bite style and association with criminals are dog fighters all add to that factor.  Late September this year in Montreal, there was a proposed pit bull ban after a 55 year old lady was killed in her backyard by a pit bull. Some feel as if banning a breed is like human discrimination. This raises the debate whether to blame the breed or the owner.

This reminded me of the quote in “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, when Atticus Finch is defending Tom Robinson, a black man.

“the truth is this: some Negroes lie, some Negroes are immoral, some Negro men are not to be trusted around women—black or white. But this is a truth that applies to the human race and to no particular race of men.” – Atticus Finch

Now you can this quote and make it relevant to pit bulls by replacing a few words:

“the truth is this: some pit bulls are immoral, some pit bulls are not to be trusted around people. But this is a truth that applies to all dogs and no particular breed of dog.”

Premise 1: all pit bulls are dogs

Premise 2: some pit bulls are dangerous

Premise 3: some dogs are dangerous

Conclusion: Not all pit bulls are dangerous, any dog has potential to harm. 

  • Premise 1: is factual and easily to believe as true
  • Premise 2: are statistics and also easy to believe as true. In the 11-year period of 2005 through 2015, canines killed 360 Americans. Pit bulls contributed to 64% (232) of these deaths. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers contributed to 76% of the total recorded deaths. Statistics from: http://www.dogsbite.org/
  • Premise 3:  can be seen as true. Not every pit bull is destined to become a vicious killer, many pit bulls have proven their stability by becoming search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, herding dogs and family companions.
  • Conclusion: These premises lead to the conclusion that not all pit bulls are dangerous and that any dog has potential to harm, because it clarifies that many breeds as well as pit bulls can be dangerous. The conclusion is valid since not all pit bulls are proven to be dangerous. Since the premises are true, the conclusion would necessarily be true as well. Because all the premises are true while having a valid conclusion, then this argument is sound.

Although is it said that pit bulls have more aggression, higher pain tolerance and a more muscular build, it does not necessarily mean that all pit bulls will kill you. Any breed of dog can be good or bad, it’s the owners with bad intentions who are able to turn a harmless breed into a killer breed. Since pit bulls were created for violence, they are the most abused dog on earth. The dogs are treated cruelly to make them as dangerous as possible. In many dog bite cases, the dogs are socially isolated by their owner to create a more vicious dog. This is relevant for humans as well, anyone who’s been exposed to poor treatment can eventually turn immoral. We can’t blame all pit bulls and it’s not fair to take away behaved pit bulls from loving families.




4 Responses to Logic Of Pit bull (the dog breed not Mr.Worldwide)

  1. EmmaJ says:

    Hi Beatrize,
    Thank you for brining up this interesting debate. In your post you support the conclusion that any dog has the potential to harm and that therefore Pit Bulls should not be discriminated against or treated differently than other dogs. However, as you pointed out there are many factors that make Pit Bulls more dangerous than other dogs and able to do a higher level of damage to humans. Unlike Chihuahuas or Corgis that only have the physical ability to deliver a superficial bite to your ankle, Pit Bulls were bred to have a locking jaw and are heavy and strong enough to over power a full grown human, let alone a small child. I agree with you that all dogs have the potential to do harm; however in this case I believe that the seriousness of the injury that can be delivered by a Pit Bull is enough to warrant bans and restrictions. I look forward to hearing what you think.

    • beatrize says:

      Hi Emma !
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, as I was writing this i wasn’t completely sure about my conclusion and I see your point completely. I do believe that any dog has the potential to harm, but their physical attributes do play a large role. Small dogs can be more energetic and feisty, as I’ve seen many chihuahuas and shitzu’s attempt to attack larger dogs. Fortunately their tiny figures may leave you with a bad bite at most, but given their personality they are still trying to hurt you. For the “locking jaw” aspect I have read that that is actually a myth, if you compare a pit bull skull to any other breed of dog they share the same general bone structure. If pit bulls were to be banned based on their size and power, what’s stopping them from banning other potentially dangerous breeds? Like boxers and Doberman pinchers? I believe that under proper training and treatment it is possible to tame any beasts. The acts made by abused and mistreated pit bulls should not take away well behaved pit bulls from their loving families. Thank you for your feedback and helping me notice that gaps in the argument!

  2. ami says:

    Hey Beatrize!
    I really loved reading this post a lot – I adore dogs and I think it’s almost like discriminating dogs to categorize them for their behaviour. You had a lot of thought into the argument, being very insightful of why they are not ALL aggressive. You elaborating on each premise was a great idea and it really made each point clear. You did in fact talk about some back up info on why pitbulls are seen to be aggressive, but I would’ve very much have liked to read more about their history, what is the main core reason behind their behaviour. Is it their biological instinct? Are they helplessly violent? Why do so many people say that they are a dangerous dog to own? The adorable picture at the end definitely pulled the argument altogether – in my opinion. Possibly adding in some opposite perspective would’ve made the argument a little more clear, see what others who actually think that pitbulls are mean and vicious. All in all, this was a great topic, different from others, and I was happy to read about it.

  3. tabu says:

    Hi Beatrize!!
    Thank you so much for coming up with such a unique topic! it was very eye catching as I wrote a similar argument too,So I was very curious to read your argument. I really liked how unnoticeable this topic is and how you managed to connect all your premises with your conclusion. I totally agree with your argument, as most often we misunderstand some dogs based on their breed and also some aggressive dogs like pit bulls can be tamed by some attention and training. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this and It has changed my perspective on pit bulls!


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