Talons Philosophy

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David Fang- A Snapshot into the Mind of an Chinese Immigrant

Through the journey of life, we encounter many travesties that might act upon us as a road block, but we have to overcome them and jump past them. During the philosophy classes, I learned what it means to think, and to question the beliefs that we live by and also to forge our on beliefs, of which may or may not be coherent with societal views.

When I entered this course my expectations were low as I did not know what to expect, but as class began and  Mr. Jackson introduced himself and the concept of thinking my world view as a patriotic canadian-born teenager began to unravel itself like a bowl of Shin ramen. Unwarranted expectations started to spring up and prowl at me and I started to question everything. EVERYTHING.

Through Philosophy 12, I want to explore what it means to challenge current societal views, and how to formulate coherent thoughts. I want to be able to explain to my future generation why Putin decided to start the Soviet Union and also why Apple decided to remove the earphone jack in 2016. My mom once told me to keep expectations low to avoid disappointment, but this class sings a chorus that I cannot wait to finish!

Mr. Jackson challenges us as a class everyday to explore beyond what is presented to us, and think comprehensively at ideas and concepts. He breaks them down to their very roots and makes us ponder. I hope to let Mr. Jackson guide me through this adventure and be able to discover new heights and concepts within myself!


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