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The Men I’ve Dated…

In my experiences, the men i have chosen to be with aren’t always the best. From afar they are the most attractive modest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on but when you get to close to them, they just slice through you and leave you in pieces. Men have their ways around women, they lure them in with their charm sometimes with a motive sometimes without. They are cheeky and sneaky and when they finally get what they want, they drop you like it was nothing. So, men are like raccoons.

Racoons are sneaky and cheeky:

They look like little thieves and they are thieves because they are always stealing things at their own satisfaction without a care in the world. Their number one priority is always themselves,

Men share the same characteristics with racoons:

In this case, men are little thieves. They steal the heart of a women and they use it to their own benefit and when they are done, they walk away like nothing ever happened leaving you in pieces.

therefore, the men i’ve dated sucks:

Which they do. they don’t care at all, they only care about themselves. They worship you and feed you lies to believe so that they can get what they want. They make you feel good about yourself and make you believe that there is a future together but in reality, its all just empty words and empty promises. Once they’re done with you, theres no going back to winning them back because everything was just a made up fantasy they created for you and once that fantasy is over, so are they.



5 Responses to The Men I’ve Dated…

  1. davidfa says:

    Quite a gloomy outlook on this subject, but I understand your concerns and your views and I respect that!

  2. Will says:

    omg i think u just said im cute like a raccoon thankies so much!!!!! <3

    also what about gay men asexual men or reeally ugly and weird men who would in all likelihood never steal the hearts of women?

  3. Aiden D says:

    Unfortunately Joanna, you seem to be missing premises and a conclusion, or syllogism in general. I’m not sure if this is true or valid.
    This appears to be entirely biased generalisations, which I am not offended by, but the blatant sexism could easily offend others.
    On the other side, its a well constructed metaphor, so thumbs up on that.

  4. yuryv says:

    I like what you’re saying and it is unfortunate that your experiences have led to this conclusion,
    but to make what you’re saying more powerful I would change it to:

    Raccoons are sneaky and cheeky
    Men are like raccoons
    therefore, the men i’ve dated are sneaky and cheeky

    or something along those lines, hope i helped!

  5. hope says:

    I agree with Yury that it is unfortunate your experiences have led you to feel as though a majority of men can’t be trusted due to their negative actions. I also agree with Yury that the third part to your argument may be less generalized if you said therefore the men I’ve dated or the men I date are sneaky and cheeky because personally I don’t believe all men are. overall your assignment was really good and brought up some good arguments! <3


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