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Logic and Philosophy

Premise 1: I take Philosophy

Premise 2: I feel confused during class

Conclusion: Therefore, Philosophy is confusing

Looking at my premises, it depends on each person individually wether the premises may be true or not. In my case, both premises are true, which allows my conclusion to be valid. But for someone else if they fully understood Philosophy and then read my second premise, then my conclusion would not be valid to them.

A definition of logic is: reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. After reading this definition we are able to see how when we look for validity in premises, we are using logic to guide us.

href=”http://philosophy.talons43.ca/files/2016/10/Human-Logic-Brain.png” rel=”attachment wp-att-10019″>Image provided by karstworlds.com Image provided by karstworlds.com[/caption]


One Response to Logic and Philosophy

  1. ami says:

    Hey Kennedy!
    I really liked how you came from both sides, explaining that for those who are good at philosophy, this argument may not be valid to them. I am on your side – I am almost always lost during the lectures in our class, therefore meaning that this argument is completely valid for me. Although I do think that you could’ve possibly elaborated more about both sides. I would’ve liked to have read more about why you’re feeling confused; how you could make this argument invalid, if you are wanting to make this argument invalid. It might’ve been a slightly better idea for you to choose a more controversial topic so that you could have an argument for both sides, but this is more about how you’re feeling. What do you think could help you understand Philosophy better? But hey let’s get through this together-I am extremely confused as well.


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