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She came in like a wrecking ball -MartinNorman

We know before the wrecking of balls for Miley Cyrus, there used to be a Hannah Montana where the wrecking ball now fills the space. The Miley that we used to love, the one that showed us the best of both worlds, and to not care what people think about what you do on beaches with your friends. Miley Cyrus was a very innocent sensational girl that was very successful at what she did, music, her stardom with Hannah Montana, and she was a role model to many young girls. Back in 2006-2011, Miley Cyrus was definitely one of the most popular idolized model that every girl looked up to.Out of nowhere came swinging the wrecking ball after she swung out of sight for 2 years and released her first music back called “Wrecking Ball” which was very controversial at the time. Her image from then was changed from an innocent teen to a crazy party animal that is obsessed with licking hammers. Which I feel that isn’t a bad thing at all, you do you. I’m here to argue that drugs does change your image, not to put down Miley. Here’s why..


Premise 1: Miley Cyrus was a sweet young normal teenager

Premise 2: Most teenagers go through a phase of experimenting things like drugs

Premise 3: Miley Cyrus is a crazy party animal that does drugs

Conclusion: Therefore, excessive drug use turn innocent young teenagers into a big wrecking ball

Evaluating for factually correctness, validity, and soundness

Premise 1: This could be easily agreed on because as a teenager Miley Cyrus was a very innocent girl that seemed perfect to other teenagers, and a lot of teenage girls did idolized her.

Premise 2: This is very true, most teenagers do go through a phase of experimentation and figuring out what is out there in the world. Like why are these adults telling us we can’t do this?? so we go ahead and do it anyways, even though we grow up learning why drugs and things like cigarettes are bad for us we end up doing it anyways.

Premise 3: Miley Cyrus came back to the face of the earth and changed her whole image of an innocent girl to a party animal, she now wears teddy bear costumes instead of a blonde wig on stage. She isn’t afraid to show her true self, she did admit that she now uses drugs like marijuana, molly (MDMA) and other sorts.


Conclusion: The premises that I’ve purposed are factually true, and they are valid because they are in fact factually true, therefore my argument is also sound.

Overall though I really don’t have anything against Miley Cyrus, she is just one of the example that popped into my head. I feel that drugs can change your image to a lot of people, not all, but a lot. It really does start with marijuana, people may say that it really isn’t anything but eventually you’ll want to experiment other things. Like come on, we’re teenagers we don’t listen to anyone but ourselves, and maybe our friends because peer pressure you know. Things happen, through elementary/middle and even up to grade 10 we learn why these things are bad for us, but peer pressure does get the best of us, so don’t give into peer pressure.

Drugs are for idiots, I’m never going to be that person.    -Miley Cyrus


5 Responses to She came in like a wrecking ball -MartinNorman

  1. EmmaJ says:

    Hello Martin, your post is really relevant to people our age and I think you did a really good job of respectfully using Miley Cyrus as an example of your argument without bashing her. In your post you draw the conclusion that Miley Cyrus’s use of drugs resulted in her change from an innocent young girl to a wild and controversial woman. However, I believe that Miley’s drug use was actually a form of self-medication to deal with the pressure she was facing as a child star transitioning into adulthood. I don’t disagree that drug use can cause changes in brain chemistry and personality but I think the route cause of Miley’s change in image was the pressure of being a young person in the public eye. Drug use was merely a side effect of her situation. Thank you again for bringing up this topic, I am interested in hearing from you.

    • MNormzDuh says:

      Hey Emma, I’m glad that you commented on that actually. I did try my best to not bash on her, because aside from the bad there is a lot of good in her and people do overlook that. I can see what you mean when you said she grew up in a public eye and I believe that there is a lot of pressure on her to grow up and that definitely contributed to the reasoning of her drug use. Thank you for your comment Emma!

  2. Akhila says:

    Hey Martin,

    I find it really engaging how you specifically used a person to bring life to your argument. Like Emma said, you did a good job of respectfully using Miley in your argument which is hard to do, especially with your topic.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I get the feeling that you are writing from the perspective that this change that Miley went through after experimenting with drugs has turned her into a mess(?). You are right when you say drugs can change a person’s image, but I think it is also important to recognize that Miley does a lot of good in the world, and I think your argument as well as most of society fails to acknowledge that. Miley has donated millions of dollars to charities, is a huge supporter of LGBTQ rights, started an organization for homeless youth, and much more.

    Just another thought: I think what happened with Miley’s image is not so much her fault as it is society’s. This happens very often as the world gets fixated on a child star, and when they grow up and change, people become genuinely angry. When other actors or artists experiment with drugs, it may be surprising, but no one seems to change their entire outlook on them. However when Miley began to do drugs, it had the world shook because she used to be little Hannah Montana that sang and was on Disney for years. To be fair, Miley never got to choose that image for herself, she has just grown up in the public eye and is constantly being criticized for her decisions.

    All in all, thank you for writing about this topic! This has been something I’ve wanted to discuss with someone for a long time, so Im hoping we can have a follow-up conversation sometime this week :)

    • MNormzDuh says:

      Hey Akhila!!, I’m glad that this interested you. Yes, I do agree with you that through all the bad there is a lot of good in her because it seems that not many people look at her the same way anymore after she had “changed” but the old Miley Cyrus that we used to watch on TV is still the same but just grown up!. I appreciate you taking your time out of your day to comment on this! :)

  3. emmam says:

    Hey Martin! I like the relevancy of your post! As well, using a well known public figure like Miley Cyrus makes your post more lively and understandable, sense most people know who Miley is. From my understanding, (trying to paraphrase what you said) when Miley was playing the role as Hannah she was used as a positive role model for many kids, and had a very large following. Then, when she ditches the blonde wig and comes out with her “Bangers” album, her image in the public eyes is immediately changed, and she soon became known as a “bad influence” for young people. You wrote that she was a idolized by many young girls due to Hannah’s perfection and innocence. I think it’s important to recognize that Miley was not Hannah, and Hannah was not Miley. They were two different personas, played by the same person. It goes down to their music and style. As well, for all we know, the Miley Cyrus that was portrayed on the show, may have not even been what Miley Cyrus was actually like in real person. A final note, should we be idolizing innocence and perfection? Perfection is unattainable, and innocence has different definitions to everyone, and “losing” your innocence can be a sign of growing up and maturing. Miley has been critiqued her whole life, so when she makes such a drastic change to her appearance, it’s obvious that people are going to say something about it, positive or negative. What I’m trying to say here is that Miley changing her appearance, and growing up was never a bad thing, although it was a drastic change, she is a young adult her exploring herself and her identity, in the public eye. Finding your identity in your 20’s is something most people go through, she just happens to be Miley Cyrus.

    Despite that, I really liked your post and applaud you for talking about a topic like this. Hopefully this can be brought up in class for a bigger discussion! :)


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