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What is Philosophy?

What is Philosophy? To me, philosophy is just like makeup. I understand that my presentation in class was super short and brief, but let me further explain!! Makeup is a passion of mine because it allows me express myself through an art form. Makeup has no set rules therefore allowing you to do what you want! Also, there is no “incorrect” way to do makeup, so there’s no one telling you what or what not to do! I believe that philosophy is makeup because just like makeup artists, philosophers express their thoughts, feelings and ideas to an audience or a group of people. A face with no makeup on is considered the “philosopher” and each makeup product is an “idea” or a “theory”. In relation to the allegory of plato’s cave, when I was young and makeup-less I was in a cave. Everyone around me always telling me that what I was doing was always the wrong way to do things; my teachers, my dad…etc. But then, I got released from the cave and found an art that allows me to express myself in a way that’s is ALWAYS right.



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