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“Reality”- Camille



How do people define reality?

Reality is something relative when you think about it. The “right” definition would be the state of things that actually exists. However it is something that might have existed in the past or might exist in the future. I say it’s relative because what is real for me could not be real for you. People think that what they can see, touch or create is reality because it exists. In my personal opinion reality goes above that, reality is what you believe and what you want to see. Dreams are real they might not be an actual thing but I know they are real because I can feel it. I do believe that our reality changes during our lives. Reality can be the world/place that you live and during your life you can change it, for example if you are poor and became rich your reality would change because the things around you became different so the existent things in your life wouldn’t be the same. Another fact that is very important is when you are a kid. Do you remember when you was a child and your concepts of reality were different? You believed in Santa Claus, the movies that you watched were so real in your head that all the characters existed in your heart. When you are a kid everything is real and your beliefs are stronger, when you grow up and stop believing nothing is real anymore. My point is people can’t have a conclusion about what reality is because we are not even sure if we are real. You think you are real because you think, feel and act but is that enough? There’s more than one definition for what is real so I understand why people have different opinions about it.

Why is reality relevant to our society? 

It is relevant because reality makes our beliefs and opinions stronger. In a society each person has their own beliefs and we have to accept it even if you don’t agree. Reality is a belief and it affects our society in so many ways. It can affect culture, education, religion, life style and even laws. Your values and what you believe being true and false could affect more than just your life. It affects others. Reality is not consistent, it changes all the time because our minds change all the time. Also within the years our knowledge about the world is different because we get to learn more and figure out new information. I mean years ago people thought that the Earth was flat and it was a reality, however after some time they figured out that the Earth is round and now that’s our reality. So it is relevant because our reality makes our society, it influences families, schools, life experiences and our vision of the world.

Can we consider dreams and feelings real?

Dreams are not considered real by scientists but research shows that every dream has a purpose that would be to solve problems in your life. Every dream comes from actions or experiences that you have experienced, images you have seen. So in my opinion dreams are real, they were meant to show your reality. If we consider everything we have touched or seen real dreams are real because they come from it. Dreams in my opinion are magical, it is something magnificent that our mind does, dreaming is good for everyone. Just because you can’t see or touch it is no reason to say that dreams are not true. If you think about feelings you will get to the conclusion that they are not facts, that’s what the scientists say, but you will probably agree with me that what you feel is real. So it’s controversial to say that feelings aren’t real when for you they are more than real. I would say that just because they aren’t something concrete it does not make feelings less important or real. Every single person has feelings: being happy, being sad, being lazy, being tired, being in love or even being mad. All those feelings are important for our actions and our mood. Feelings are real because they affect our lives and people around us. My point is reality has different definitions.

Why did I chose this topic? 

Because I think it’s an interesting topic, there’s no wrong or right, it depends on your beliefs and your knowledge about reality. I think it’s something nice to talk about and see people’s point of view. “My reality is not your reality” was something that made me think about life and people that live around me. Talking about reality you think about everything, you question yourself and you look for answers to figure out a belief. You challenge yourself to try understand what is true or false. I feel it is a topic where there’s a lot to discuss and think about, it’s a huge subject where there’s many ways to look for answers, reality relates to everything and that’s why I think is important.

Where to next?

I feel people should try to talk more about it, bring more questions and challenges for the topic, assuming that everyone have a different opinion I think would be a nice thing to share different ideas and make new connections about what reality is. When we think about people having discussions we can conclude that new ideas will come from it.







One Response to “Reality”- Camille

  1. camille says:

    I talked to Isabella and Hannah we talked about our main questions and what we wanted to discuss. Our topics were topics without right or wrong answers and all our ideas are related to our society and our beliefs.
    I found their topics very interested and now I have new ideas about originality and abstract objects, in a certain way it matches with my idea of reality and it makes me think about looking for more answers about how would define them. They are hard and confusing topics but they should be very interested to make a deep research about. My first response relates to our society’s definition of things and their beliefs, how this affects our society and these new ideas are related to my responses because they are uncertain and people can have different opinions about it.
    My new question is: Do you think one day we will be able to define things that we can’t see or touch as real, original and also call it an object?
    I would like to think more about it and to know other’s opinions about it.


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