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Self Deception

To what extent does self deception impact someone in a negative way?

When an individual begins to ignore the truth, the consequences may be harmful. In a way, one tries to avoid his present reality and believes in something that he imagines as his reality. One might see this as an escape from their life, but this might lead them to a door step to something that could affect their reality. But then it varies depending upon the situation, environment and strategies

Sub questions:

  1. Can someone change their past by self deception?
  2. When does self deception become your reality?
  3. Does being dishonest about your reality change the truth?


 Personal Beliefs:

Self deception is the action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or unvalidated feeling, idea, or situation is true. It is an adaptive capacity of the human mind. It might seem puzzling only if we make two assumptions about the human mind. Personally, I think It’s everything to do with the human mind. if one convinces himself to forget his past and create an entire different story and trains himself to think that way, then you could probably change your past . But then this may not be logical, sound or true.

In self deception, reality could be something you “BELIEVE” that actually exists, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea. It becomes your reality when it reaches the point where the actual truth is entirely replaced by what we are deceived by. At times, this could be seen as a way to adapt to new dilemmas you face in life but also this could mentally as well as physically harm you.

To an extent it would not change the truth as it tends to be something one truly convinces themselves to believe and ignore the truth. Self deception has it’s negative and positive consequences that could be useful for some purposes or it could be seen as an escape to run away from reality. If one accepts self deception then the value of truth will certainly fade away. However, when one chooses self deception over reality, one chooses to live in their own creation of what they believe is reality and they suppress the truth.

The worst of all deception is self deception- Plato

Personal interest: 

I found this topic in the package and it really caught my attention as there was a really good example provided with the text. I have certain self deception experiences which turned out to affect me emotionally and physically. So I thought this would let me elaborate my ideas and learn more about it.






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