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There Is More Into Infinity Than What You Think Soheil

Reality is what you think it is; there is no other explanation for reality. For you it can be what the majority of people think is the ‘real’ thing, or something that can prove itself through reasons and logic. Or you might just think there is no such thing as reality.  I would rather not to make it too complicated for myself.

As an example, in order for me to accept something is real I should be able to see it and feel it. If I see something like a physical object, the only way I can confirm that it exist is that I should be able to see it and feel it by myself. But what about more complicated things like what I see on TV? Well I most likely rely on other people’s experience and knowledge in order to understand if what I’m seeing is real or not. Like on YouTube I always read the comment to know other people’s opinion and thoughts about the video; a lot of time there are people that have more experience about the video than me and they can tell if it’s real or not. So you can say that real things to me are the thing that other people think is real too. Again reality is what we THINK the reality is.

There hasn’t been a single idea or theory that is acceptable by everyone. There is always a way to deny things; sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s hard but it’s never something impossible. It’s all connected to the understanding of the knowledge that we have.

Think of reality as the universe, now imagine you want to understand it: you can’t because we have not achieved that level understanding of things in such scale, so what we did as humans is that we create ourselves an vague answer. We said that universe equals to infinity, but you see how easy it is for us to deny it.

Did you know that infinity is a scale that can be counted? I will explain in an example how you can count infinity.


Hilbert’s paradox of the Grand Hotel is an is thought experiment which illustrates a counterintuitive property of infinite sets. It is demonstrated that a fully occupied hotel with infinitely many rooms may still accommodate additional guests, even infinitely many of them, and that this process may be repeated infinitely often.




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