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What happens after death? [SPOILER: There’s no right answer]

When we die, do our bodies just decay into the soil and that’s the end of that?

Does the self decay, but the soul escape?

Following the belief above, if the soul escapes, where does it go?

Personal belief:

I believe the self being is separate from the biological being, when the body decays, the energy of the soul is released out into the world (whether it be good or bad) that we can not see. This energy can change shapes, which is how reincarnation occurs. My thoughts are not solid because I am still figuring them out for myself, but that is what I know.

With the self established, we can focus on the other beliefs of life after death such as various religious aspects:

What happens after death?

A Nihilist would say: nothing, there is no purpose. We just die.

Hinduism and Buddhism: (Although slightly different) would say: it all depends on you, your quality of life, and how you treat others.

Christians would say: since Jesus died for the immoral acts of humanity, it would depend on if you believed in Jesus; while those who do not will go to hell.

Islam: since this life is just a preparation for the next one, when we die we simply begin our transition.

As you notice, all of the religions answer this question well. So why as human beings do we seek to find an answer? My answer is a simple one: because deep down we all want to be immortal.

Plato on the other hand had a different answer in the reading of ‘Phaedo‘ depicting the death of Socrates:

“He has just gone to great lengths to explain that when he dies, his soul will leave his body and will live on eternally. The body that will be left behind will not be Socrates, because Socrates’ soul will no longer inhabit it. Thus, Crito should not be upset to see Socrates’ body buried or burned, since that body will no longer be Socrates.”

Plato does not go in-to depth as to what happens to the soul, even though we know that to his belief; the soul does not die with the body. It lives forever.


Although there are many different beliefs, there is no right answer. That is the beauty behind being open to many religions, although rarely recognized.











2 Responses to What happens after death? [SPOILER: There’s no right answer]

  1. yuryv says:

    In the discussion between Rita, Jasmine, and Natalie, we had some interesting similarities.
    A new idea I stumbled upon during our discussion was the idea of ‘Taoism’.

    My post about afterlife overlapped with some of the members of my group’s ideas by focusing on personal beliefs and values, and how factors such as religion can affect them.

    For the conclusion of our discussions we agreed that we wished to find more philosophers who spoke/wrote about the after life.

  2. mei says:

    This is a really great post about the afterlife and I’m glad you chose such an interesting topic that almost everyone has questions on. Overall, I do agree with most of your points, except one. ” Deep down we all want to be immortal” isn’t true to me. I think many of us can agree that it’d be cool to see where technology takes us into the future but the sacrifice you have to make is losing all your friends and family over and over again. To me that makes being immortal not worth it. My conclusion from your post is that deep down humans want to know what happens after death. Cool topic and I hope to hear from you :))


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