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Topic: Afterlife – What happens after death?



  • 1: What happens after you pass away?
  • 2: How can it be determined that one has passed?
  • 3: Where do you go? spirit/soul/essence/being
  • 4: Do you still exist? How/How long When are you considered non-existent?
  • 5: Is there a higher power?


Personal Interest:

I never really thought about life after death or what may happen, until my grandma passed away 2 years ago. It was a real eye opener to have a loved one I’ve been so close to all my life disappear in a way. Her passing lead me to question death. I’ve always wondered all the sub questions I listed above whenever death is brought up (news, newspaper, friend, family friends, etc). I find it really interesting to think about what there is after living on earth, and I’d like to think that being here isn’t just it.





Where to next?:

I want to expand my knowledge on this topic, whatever it may be, to get closer to providing myself a purpose for being here. Id like to learn more about everything about this topic and everything that may branch off from it. Although I may never truly find out the answer or the “truth” to these answers, the journey to potentially learn more about this topic will be fulfilling and exciting.



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