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I’m gonna astral project myself into the sun – Benedict Mendes [WARNING: Mild Dr. Strange spoilers may or may not be in this post]

Okay, so for my big Metaphysics topic I decided to look into, you guessed it, Astral Projection. Now, many believe this to be a big hoax and generally quite silly, but this is because of the way it’s presented in current media. Often people use crystals to “speed up their vibrations” when astral projecting, which sounds quite ridiculous and it probably is, but I’m not talking about that branch of it. I’ll be talking about what astral projecting would mean for “the self” and in relation to space and time. So, this is my big question:

How does astral projection relate to the self, and space-time?

Of course, this question is quite vague, so I’ll be using some sub-questions to hopefully reach the goal of answering that big question. These are my sub-questions:

What exactly is astral projection?

How would astral projection divide the self?

How would one travel through space and time using astral projection?


Well, if we look at astral projection very broadly, it has been mentioned in many, many cultures and religions around the world. There are many different variations, but at it’s core astral projection is said to be an OBE

(out of body experience) that is usually willful and controlled. It can be seen as a form of telepathy, and one is thought to be able to manipulate another’s thoughts whilst astral projecting. It is basically the separation of spirit from the body. Forms of astral projection can be researched in many societies and cultures, The West, China, Japan, India, Ancient Egypt, and even The Bible all have examples of astral projection at some point. Now, astral projection of course begs the question, if I am astral projecting and I see my body before me as if it is not my own, do I really have a body? Is it my body? Well, this differs, but generally in terms of astral projection a human is divided into three parts. These parts are mind, body, and spirit/soul respectively. The body and spirit are two separate things that, from what I’ve seen so far, are only linked by the mind. The mind is what links the soul to the body and allows it to return to the body after astral projecting, so that you’re not stranded in the enth dimension for all of eternity. This is only a rough look at it though, and I’ll delve deeper into this topic in the future. There’s also an important distinction that must be made within the concept of astral projection. One can project on the “astral” plane, or the “etheric” plane. Etheric refers to our physical world as it is now, when performing etheric astral projection you will supposedly only experience the universe as it is at that moment. Astral refers to some kind of transcending of time and space. There have been reports of people claiming to visit past civilizations and old, long destroyed places, these would be examples of what I’m going to call for now, “true” astral projection (I don’t really have another term for it at the moment). Basically, while “true” astral projecting one is able to travel through time as well as space through some form of time-space manipulation, the exact “how” of it is still lost on me at the moment.


The most prominent representation of astral projection in popular media at the moment is actually in the recently released movie “Dr. Strange” by Marvel. Seeing this movie is actually what inspired me to research this topic, because I found it infinitely interesting (also these are the spoilers I warned you about so turn away now if you must). In the movie astral projection is seen as a way for the spirit to travel through space and perhaps through certain dimensions, though that is unclear in the movie. Of course this movie deals with it in the comic book sense so it may not be true to what has been recorded in human history, but it’s a good place to start. Whenever a character astral projects in the movie, time seems to slow down drastically, although this is inconsistent, indicating that there is a way to willfully manipulate time whilst you are in the astral plane. In the movie, the interaction one’s projection can have with the physical world is also unclear. It seems to have a kind of “poltergeist” rule, where one cannot “touch” objects on the physical plane, but can move them through great force of some sort. Again, this is only in a Hollywood movie so perhaps the sourcing is unreliable.


The philosophic school of thought that this lies in is called Theosophy. Theosophy explores mystical and occultist answers to the many questions of the universe. This is particularly so in the fields of the origin of the universe and the nature of divinity. It’s an incredibly interesting school of thought, I don’t know if it exactly fits in with what I believe currently but I am willing to explore it for the purposes of this research, and I’m really excited to do so. Many scientists have actually looked in to the credibility of something like astral projection, even conducting experiments. The results on the whole have been mixed, and I will certainly look into those experiments in more detail later on. This might take more than just three blog posts, but oh well, it’ll be interesting at least.


In conclusion, for the next while I’ll be researching astral projection and how it affects the self and space-time. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn how to astral project myself along the way (although you’re supposed to be relaxed while attempting it and since I’m never relaxed probably not).

Dr. Strange (2016)


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