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My Attempt at Descartes hwg

Main Question

Is everything that we seem to think to know is actually what we know?

Well according to Descartes, nothing is what we think we know. Especially physical objects that we seem to think that are there, might not actually be there. but how did he come up with this crazy proposition? I wonder too, but he meditated one day and just randomly went “Oh, I wonder if I am actually here right now” you know just the norm of what everyone do on their spare time. Descartes decided to question our whole existence and questioned if physical objects are actually there.

3 Questions that extends from this

Do we really have senses to prove what we think we are touching, smelling, seeing, tasting are true or real?

Senses have failed us many times, like when you’re walking down a street and thought you saw someone you knew, so you ran up to tap them on the shoulder but it turns out that it wasn’t who you thought it was. Things like this happen all the time throughout the day. Or when we put a stick in a glass of water and the stick looks bents, but the stick isn’t really bent, so our eyes have failed us. Senses have failed us a lot of times and that questions if senses really a thing. The answer tot this question is I’m really not too sure (basically the answer for all of my questions)

Where the senses fail us, reason must step in. – Galileo Galilei
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/g/galileogal377935.html

Are we actually living thing or just matter taking up space in a world of matter?

Back to Descartes we go, and through Descartes’s meditation on philosophy, Descartes answered this question. Through meditation he came to the conclusion that in order for something to think there had to be something there to think. Even though we can’t prove that our physical body is actually there, we can prove that we are something that thinks, so that means that we are at least a living thing.


How do we know we are here living right now?

The way that we can prove we are actually living right now is that we’re all thinking, of something, like the last question it also answered this question. Descartes in the cogito ergo sum said “I think, therefore I am” this proved that we are actually a living thing on whatever we are in.



Rene Descartes

Where to Next

I’d like to explore the study of space and time, just to figure out if we are actually living on a planet or on a little speck of dust under a lamp. Or are we living “Whos” in “Whoville”


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