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The coexistence of universes and its connection to ours and the dreamverse

A two dimensional universe can only coexist with another two dimensional universe. The same goes for a three dimensional, the dream universe and any other universe that may exist.

From Carl Sagan’s “The Cosmos” Carl dedicates one chapter to solely explaining what a universe is and how a dimension can influence it. How it works is if we have an apple (A three dimensional object) that is coated in black ink and make it interact with a piece of paper ( A two dimensional object) the apple will only leave it 2-dimensional shadow, the apples base on the paper. The paper doesn’t know what hit it and it only has the remembrance of a time when there was ink and when there wasn’t. Times a key word in this because don’t we feel the same about time as the paper does about the apple coated in ink. We know when it passes when it wasn’t here but not the actual moment it was interacting with us.

Think about that concept that Carl Sagan puts on time and relate it to the dreamverse. When we have déjà vu we don’t just feel it passing and it not being there, we fully experience it. We don’t just have the mark the apple makes on the paper; we knew fully when the déjà vu was interacting with us. What that means is if the dreamverse interacts with our universe. And if only common universes can coexist either the dreamverse is actual our universe just in place undiscovered or is our universe the dream. These universes are common, and its one or the other.


Below Universe of Galaxies courtesy of NASA, Virtually every spectacle of light in this photograph is a distant, faraway galaxies consisting of billions of stars. How did we find ourselves in such a grand place?

Image result for universe of galaxies


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