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Main Question : Is there such thing as ‘afterlife’?

Isn’t it insane how we’re all here, existing, just trying to make it through this thing called ‘life’… but we are all to come to an end at some point? No matter how successful you are or how much you’ve failed, we all end up in the same position in the end. The thought of this absolutely blows my mind. It sometimes makes me wonder why we’ve been put here anyway. YOU are here, you’re reading this post, you’re breathing, you’re thinking, you’re processing thoughts, and you’re existing. What’s your purpose of being here? Something that keeps me up thinking is the thought of afterlife. What could it possibly feel like for us to feel like we’re never gonna wake up again? Where do we go, what happens to our souls?

Question 1 : What are the stages of death?

Question 2 : What does it feel like to die?

Question 3 : Would it ever be possible for scientists to figure out the mystery of afterlife?

Only one group really knows what happens when you die; the dead.

Answer #1: Death is a process just like life. The first phase is the “clinical death”: which is the first 4-6 minutes, where the heart stops pumping and the person stops breathing. Kidneys and eyes remain “alive” throughout but the human being is no longer able to feel feelings. The second phase is the biological death. Cells of the body start to degenerate. Organs and the brain shuts down, cooling the body below normal temperature. The next phase is unknown.

Answer #2: Obviously no one truly knows what it feels like be dead, but there are multiple different people who have experienced a near death accident. All of which comment as to how it feels as though they were floating outside of their bodies, moving rapidly through a tunnel toward light. Often seeing their loved and deceased ones.

Answer #3: This question remains unanswered. It’s a whole different universe that will forever remain a mystery.

“Human Immortality: Two Supposed Objects to the Doctrine” written by William James talked about how the brain might be the vehicle for the transmission of a consciousness that originates elsewhere, and that if this is true, then the death of your body and its brain is not the death of that stream of consciousness, which may well continue in that elsewhere.

I’d like to study further about the sciences behind the afterlife.. To take this to a related but different topic – what about spirits and possession? Are demonic powers actually in existence? Based on how many people have talked about their horror stories, it seems as though it could possibly exist.



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