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a post about my morality discussion. because why not :)

Knowing that the only comment on all my blog posts is from myself, I figured it’d be more appropriate to fit that comment into a post.

On thursday, we discussed our topics with people who had topics similar to our own. I talked to Jasmine, Kamakshi, Yury, Matthew and Jordan. Our topics of discussion included if science and religion could coexist, if there was an afterlife, what happened moment before death and taoism. I personally have never heard of taoism which is the belief that reality is the creation of the tao (the ultimate source of the universe). I still don’t really know what it means but I now know it’s a think people believe in. It also didn’t really occur to me that we won’t know what happens to a persons mind or soul moments before death. Even if we do decide to experiment and see what happens to the persons mind, there will always be an experimental flaw and surely death for everyone is a different experience.

These new ideas don’t really influence my previous thoughts except before I never realized how much morality and ethics influence everything we do. I didn’t really have questions to begin with but something I did begin to question is if it’s morally right to kill someone just to see if something happens moments before death or kill someone to benefit the greater good. One thing that I would like to explore further is if science and religion can coexist from a religious standpoint since all of my group was athiest. Even for the other topics, everyone seems to be on the same page so it’s kinda hard to argue when we all share the same opinions.


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