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Free Will? Cont’d, Phil’s Day Off: Analyzing my Sunday Morning

Questions going into Phils day off:

Didn’t really have any idea what I’d discover, wasn’t really expecting to find anything new. Wasn’t sure if it’d be difficult to examine everything I’d done. I didn’t have a lot of views on free will going into this, I figured people are somewhat controlled by how we’ve evolved to act but I didn’t know where I thought the limit on it was.


Record the entire day in small time frames when I start to do something new. Then examine what I’d done and try to determine whether I had a choice in it.

What Happened:

I ended up only doing the morning, because I ended up with more content than I thought I would. I analyzed the events and elaborated on them in the afternoon, then wrote a conclusion.

Findings, artifact, & questions:

Developed a more solid view on free will by thinking through my experiences. Artifact is shown below, was the examination of events and attempt to discern whether or not I had free will to make the choices. Questions include: Should I have excluded the possibility of a higher being/fate? If I didn’t would I be able to objectively think about them somehow?



7:20: Wake up, eat breakfast, message friend.

It was my choice to get up, even though I could’ve slept for longer because it was the weekend. I woke up and realized there were things I wanted to do. I could’ve not eaten breakfast, but I knew I’d be hungry later if I didn’t. And if I had objected to eating my parents would probably have some questions that I wouldn’t be able to answer. I didn’t have to message my friend, but I wanted to and they said something nice and I felt it warranted a reply.


8:00: Finish English and peer tutoring homework.

It’s pretty much expected that you graduate high school in the society I reside in and to do that you need to pass English 12.  Doing homework is a component of passing so I did it. The choice of when in the day I do it though was up to me, and I chose the morning to get it out of the way. Technically I could not do it, or fail English 12 if I wanted and not graduate but to act in my best interest I’m going to do my homework.


8:50: Cross stitch gifts for friends while watching youtube videos.

Cross stitching is a hobby I have, and I can’t really think of anything that makes me subconsciously want to do it. I don’t have to make gifts for the friends in question, but one is for a birthday. It’s traditional you give someone a gift on a birthday, so that’s sort of a social obligation. You don’t really have to, but it’s a nice gesture and I like to make people things. But I chose the part on what I’m giving them. I watched youtube videos while cross stitching as not to get bored, the ones I picked were ones I’d seen before because nothing new that came out piqued my interest.


11:00: Do laundry.

I don’t have to help with laundry, but its in my best interest because if I’d refused to help my mom would probably protest. And if the laundry never got done, I’d be out of clean clothes in a few weeks. I could choose to go around wearing dirty clothes all the time, but I don’t want to do that. We’ve


11:15: Play mobile game, message friend.

I could choose from a number of things to do but I did these two. Second one was because they messaged back and it called for a response. I could’ve left it until later, but I didn’t want to. Playing the game and talking to my friend isn’t enforced, though talking could potentially feel like an obligation it didn’t feel like it this time.


11:40: Eat lunch, watch anime.

Didn’t have to eat, but again I know that if I don’t I’ll be hungry later. Had an early lunch because brother was hungry so mom decided to make it earlier. Time wasn’t really decided by me. I could’ve waited, but I saw no reason to and if I’d waited lunch probably would’ve gotten cold and microwaved food doesn’t taste as good. Didn’t have to watch anything, or could’ve chosen to watch other things. But I chose to watch Madoka Magica because a friend had recommended it a while ago and nothing new had showed up in my youtube feed.

12:30: Practice ukulele.

I don’t have to practice ukulele, there’s pretty much zero consequence if I don’t. I don’t take lessons, so there wouldn’t be a teacher scolding me for it. But I wanted to because I hadn’t for a few weeks and wanted to re-learn this song I’d previously been working on.


Through thinking through the steps of my life while writing this, I think I’ve come to more of a definite answer on what I believe. Some of the things I did I can chalk back to how human nature has evolved (eg how keeping friendships feels good because it’s advantageous), but other things I don’t really have an explanation to. Like choosing to cross stitch instead of buying or drawing something to use as a gift for a friend, or watching anime I’d been recommended instead of re-watching old videos. The only reason I can think of why I did that is that I didn’t want to. I might be wrong, there could be something that makes my choice in that matter more logical and predetermined. But from what I can understand, I think we have free will to some extent. I could’ve chosen to do some things that weren’t in my best interest, but didn’t because I didn’t want to.

I’m excluding the possibility for a higher power for now, because there’s just really no way to know if that exists. I went through this with the assumption that there was no being or fate that somehow controlled my actions. I only looked at how other people, social constraints, and evolved impulses could effect my decision making.


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