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A change of space: I can’t decide on anything the first time

So. We talked. Talking is extremely helpful. Talking also leads you in circles sometimes. Sometimes it destroys your whole point of view and gets you on an entirely different warpath.

  • Who did you talk to?

Benedict, Emma J., Erinn, Katie, Kirsten.


  • What were the main ideas you explored?

How far can you go in the direction of only being just mind or body while still being yourself?

Astral projection & the mind connecting the soul & the body as an amalgamation of the self.

How long can you pretend to be something before it becomes you?

The connection between emotion and being vs Being.

Feelings vs expressing emotion.

Death & life & Being & being & self.


  • What new ideas did you encounter?

The majority of these ideas were relatively new to me as I seemed to be entirely focused on my own subjects right up to the moment of discussion. The only topics I was relatively well-versed in were the ones regarding Emma and Ben’s topics as I sit between them and we often discuss our work to better develop our thoughts.


  • How do these ideas influence your inquiry?

Typical me, I went ahead and decided that the area I was studying wasn’t what I wanted at all and turned from the connections between physical form, genetics, and the self, to a study of Deja Vu  and the subconscious’ expression within those moments.


  • What questions do you still have? What questions came up? What do you want to explore further?

Considering my sudden change in topic, I have a number of questions that have come up in the process. How does Deja Vu differ from memories? How does the subconscious influence our mind in moments of Deja Vu? What exactly is Deja Reve? Is there a connection between Deja Vu and dreams? How could lucid dreams help us better understand Deja Vu or Reve?

So, in conclusion, I’d like to take a path that is more closely related to the mind than the body, as much as I had tried to avoid it in the first place.


This is gonna be a mess. Now I’m gonna have to clean it up.



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