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Descartes Discussions

On Thursday, Mr.Jackson initially split the class into groups that somewhat had connections with each others questions. In the first group, I was with Emma M. and Eric. We just briefly discussed what our questions were and why we posed those questions. We didn’t go into great detail but in the second group I was with Martin, Akhila and Sarah. In this group we kind of went off topic. We started off awkwardly sharing our questions with each other hoping we weren’t getting judged by the other but then we somehow ended up talking about a topic that intrigued all of us and that was somewhat related to our original questions. This topic was, ‘the things that boggle our minds” like aspects of religion and how the universe and the world is full of astonishing things that make us sometimes realize how tiny we are. This discussion was super interesting and i would love to go deeper and learn more about those types of questions I have always had in my head.


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