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Grave Yard Session

The questions that I had when I went out to sit in a graveyard all by myself, were:

Is Afterlife real? If it is, can you feel the process or the idea? If you can, what is it that you’re feeling?

My plan, although quite simple was the only way I could go about it.

My plan was to sit in the middle of the graveyard by Blue Mountain and Foster (Burnaby) and just write.

So how was my experience?

Well it was interesting, I felt very weird, creepy ‘vibes’ and I had left the graveyard with more questions than answers.

Some of my thoughts included: Although I felt strange, was it my mind playing an illusion on me? If it is, is it possible to overcome and see the environment for what it really is?

As I left confused, my own Buddhist remained because it really did seem like there was presence of an afterlife, whether you can see it or not.


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