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How Tiny We Truly Are!!!

What is our “universe?”

I’m sure everyone has looked at an image like this showing us how small planet Earth is  compared to the things surrounding it. Does our universe contain all things? All stars, planets, people and animals? Will we ever be able to find out? Personally looking at a photo like this, knowing that you could fit 1.3 million Earths in one sun, and the sun is actually super tiny compared to giant red stars and that the trillions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy is actually nothing compared to the one hundred billions galaxies  that we know of makes me extremely small, unimportant, and In a way, sort of anxious. So back to the question of what is our universe. If I had to answer what our universe is with logical reasoning , I’d say it is everything. Our universe is all we know. It contains our species, our planets, our stars and our space. For all we know, our universe is infinite.

What happens when you reach the end of our universe?

“If we were able to travel to the outer edges of the universe, what would we find? Perhaps we would run smack dab into another universe, but how would we know? Would the other universe somehow come in a different color, operate with a different set of rules, or smell slightly like almonds? How would we know?”

This is a question that I can greatly relate to. I sometimes ask myself what are the boarders to our universe? Will there be a wall preventing us from stepping into a different universe? Perhaps there is a smaller one with different features?  Or is our universe limitless/infinite with no end to it. Just black space that leads to more galaxies and black holes?

The definition of infinite is “limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.” From what  we know this is what space is. Space is limitless. But I don’t buy  it. I don’t think our universe is never-ending however, in the same sense I’m not sure what to believe otherwise. If I don’t believe the universe is never ending than what do I believe is outside of it?

Will the universe be around for ever? In other words, is the universe invincible?

If the universe is truly all there is that exists then will it ever not exist? Will our universe  die essentially and leave nothing behind? But even if it does leave nothing… what even is nothing? Is nothing just space without anything in it? No stars or anything. Would there still be gravity and zero gravity in different places? These questions make me frustrated knowing that i will most likely never know the answer to all of these. I believe that there are several different universes and I believe that our universe is never ending and will continue to “be.”








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