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I’m Listening (I Swear) -Claire

You know the term “in one ear and out the other”?  That pretty much sums up my experience with metaphysics so far.  I’ve been trying to listen in class and retain information, but for what might be the first time ever, my brain seems to be rejecting what it is hearing.

My brain this whole unit

I mean, even with math I could sit down and slowly comprehend what I was learning, but metaphysics?  *see gif above*

Because of this, I’m finding it difficult to not only study a particular topic, but to understand and truly delve into it.  Hence, my last post on the vague “do we exist.”

Past Claire, why?

Discussing this with my classmates was embarrassing, so I mostly mumbled a lot and asked them to go ahead and share their own topic.  My first group was with Katie, Emma F and Pourchista, and we had what I think was a pretty successful discussion.  This started with talking about Westworld, a show that both Emma and Pourchista have been watching and drawing inspiration from.  This then led to conversation about artificial intelligence, and whether or not they deserve the same rights as humans if they, like humans, can think for themselves, have memories and feel emotions, for is that not what we describe the “self” as?  In that case, can robots be Beings?  Typically you would think of anything that is not human to be being with a lower case ‘b,’ but in the case of artificial intelligence being just like humans, is that not a possibility?  Does your brain hurt yet, because mine does.  Katie, on the other hand, was trying to understand what emotions are which, once again, kind of made my brain explode.  How can we know we are Being if we are basing that off of things such as feeling emotion when we cannot fully explain what emotions are?

Maybe we don’t have emotions.  Maybe we’re all empty like my brain.

Emma also brought up the idea of “having your own voice,” and questioned whether or not we do.  It’s interesting, because our thoughts and opinions are without a doubt influenced from many different factors, but Emma and I talked a bit about art and how that creative expression can come from an individual and just that one person.  If I am writing a song about something I have experienced because I feel isolated by that experience and I want to share how it has made me feel from my point of view, the only person I can draw from in order to do that is myself.  How does this relate to what I was talking about?  I don’t know.  I thought I would share it anyway because it was this AHA discovery.

My next group was with Ben, Lyle, Emma J and Jason.  When sharing my topic (existence…why…) Ben asked me whether I thought sociopaths were capable of Being.  *insert record scratch*  It’s something I’m still thinking about and trying to come up with words that make sense to give an answer.  I don’t have one yet.  Still, it was really cool to hear some of the other topics my classmates had come up with and how much they had all looked into it.  At random times, I will suddenly start thinking about things like astral projection and the dream verse and whether or not we are destined to live our own life which is bizarre and kind of wonderful at the same time.  I kind of think that’s what philosophy is.


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