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Okay, so I´m terrible with names (it’s a miracle that I even remember my own, to be honest) and I never asked anyone theirs, so I will not be able to name who I spoke to in this experience. For that I sincerely apologize.

The first discussion was with two lovely people who spoke about nature vs nurture and finding vs creating the self. My own topic, being on what makes up the self, fits in with these two quite nicely. In my own document, I speak of how memories of past experiences change the self on various levels, and affect how a person acts in the future. This kind of thinking works well with the idea of nurture-based behavior, as well as the idea of creating the self through experiences. However, I find myself also thinking about the nature side of things. Because I cannot say that everything in my life is a result of nurture. My need to take a break after being social for an extended period of time is more a product of my introversion than anything that was taught to me. I guess it’s “in my nature,” and it’s something I’ve found in myself rather than created. I guess that what I’m saying is that maybe the self is a combination of these things rather than one or the other.


My second conversation was with a group of three that created a conversation about religion and the universe. One thing I found interesting about this particular conversation was the idea that, since no one really knows what may have started the big bang, that maybe it could have been a work of god. Now, I’m not strictly-speaking religious, but I do find this idea quite intriguing. I feel it does well to tie religion with science, and have them work together. It does not serve the world well to have them fighting.


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