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Philosophy Day Off: Reality by Camille

When I started my topic about reality I had simple questions as what is reality and why is it important to society. I had questions but I didn’t know how to ask them. I don’t need the definition of reality when I want to know if we live in a real place. During this weekend I had time to think about it. I realized that I don’t want to know what’s reality, I want to know if I’m living in reality. Now you might be confused but I will try to make myself as clear as possible. My ideas about reality are not related to the real definition that would be something that exist. My point is are we real? Of course we will say yes because we think we are real, but isn’t possible for us to live a lie? We could be part of someone’s imagination or maybe be a dream. I know it sounds crazy and confusing but I spent hours thinking about it. Now my questions are more related to a personal belief rather than a general knowledge about reality.

To understand what I was looking for I watched some videos about reality and I hated it. All the videos shows things that are logical and obvious which in my opinion is not a definition for reality. I started asking my friends what they think about it and I got frustrated because they had all the same answers. The answers where short and without consistence which made me think ” Am I the only one who has crazy ideas about reality?”. I was reading philosophers points of view about reality and finally I found interesting things, they doubt the answers of what is real. Finally I understood that people believe in what they see so is logical to define real things as existent things, after questioning people and making researches I made the conclusion that even being different from each other people can have the same thoughts about a topic.

Finally after new discoveries and getting contact with new ideas I realized that in fact we shouldn’t worry about reality, we should worry about our beliefs, goals and futures. As long as we are happy and doing fine there’s no pint of asking yourself if it is real. Just live and get experiences, knowledge is definitely real! My new question now is “Is it actually important to have an answer to every question”? After the reality topic I’ve been asking myself why do we have to know everything, I mean some stuff are important and knowledge is good, but is it relevant to have an argument to every single thing? Some things are better when they are unknown. I just feel that reality and knowledge go on the same direction but through different trials you have to choose one but it will lead you to the same place.


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