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self care is drinking five coffees and killing your astral self – Katherine

The title has nothing to do with the post, I just wanted to have a theme going here. Anyway, onto the discussions we had in class:

  1. Who did you talk to? Kirsten, Sarah, Pourchista, Emma M, Mr. Jackson (briefly), Erin
  2. what were the main ideas you explored? The self, what changes or creates the self, how the physical structure of the brain is connected to who you are, nature vs nurture
  3. What new ideas did you encounter? Big shocks can change who you are, left brain and right brain fighting, whether our path in life is pre-determined, whether your DNA or how you were raised affects your “self”
  4. How do these ideas influence your inquiry? Is who I am already decided? Does my DNA decide my “self”, or is it separate?
  5. What questions do you still have? what questions came up? What do you want to explore further? I still wonder what created you? what inside you makes you who you are? Why are siblings so different? I now have questions about free will. Does free will exist? Is our path decided? Can you change yourself if you try? And I would like to explore the project theory and compare it to bundle theory

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