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Though I was apart of the original discussion that was had during Thursday’s class, I did partake in one of my own with Ami.

I had a hard time narrowing down on which topic of metaphysics I wanted to reflect upon, but the state of being, (consciousness) was really pulling my attention. I discussed my thoughts about who was to decide upon whether or not you are ‘conscious’ and how many different forms of consciousness may be present, even if we are not aware of them. Ami explained her topic of afterlife, and elaborating on the different stages of death, and what they meant to her in a logical way. She explained that there are three stages, one being clinical death, second being biological and third being unknown. What really stood out to me in her reflection was the last stage, the unknown one. It makes me curious if there really is an after life, something we move on to after death, or may I say, loss of consciousness?




I think our topics could be argued together, as some may consider death to be when you lose consciousness. I’m sure there are many different observations and research done upon that, so my point is quite ignorant, but only a slight idea. After discussing our topics and seeing how they may interlink with each other, I think I have a more clear understanding of how everything in metaphysics is evidently so diverse, but connected. 


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