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mei’s day off

Hockey games are probably the best kind of games to go to, they’re pretty relaxing and the crowd is usually nice.

But there is always one bad apple that’s rude and takes the game too seriously. This was perfect for me since I’m discussing morality and there are plenty of questions that had evolved for this man in dreadlocks screaming “you suck” at the giants.

A question I had to begin with in Phils day off were can morals be applied to anything? This question persisted because is it really fair to judge someones morality on their passion for a sports team?

My plans for Phils day off were to go to a hockey game and focus entirely on the fights and the audience-player interactions instead of the game. This was pretty easy considering the giants were losing pretty badly (8-3 in the end) and the crowd was getting pretty annoyed. To summarize, the plans went as expected and I did observe lots of things that weren’t planned to begin with, for example this lady who literally was texting the whole game only to stop between periods when there wasn’t a game. Not only did it make me wonder why someone would go to a game only to look at their phone but also if she were to look at her phone during an event where I’m also not interested in, I would feel the same.

Some artefacts that i did bring back would include the hockey ticket. I didn’t come back with new questions unfortunately just a new realization that people are really terrible towards each other over some WHL game.

Most people will say “but mei this seems like just an excuse for you to go to a hockey game and watch people yell at each other!” most of it is, but I do think being more observant of my surroundings and human interactions made me feel more in touch with the world no matter how small they may be.


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