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My day at the coffee shop – Phil’s day off

Phil’s day off was an enlightening day for me.

It was a day of internal liberation and thought. It made me ponder about the events that lead to where I am as a person currently, and how i plan on developing myself in the future.

The question that I left with myself that I set out to unravel and explore more in-depth was : our free will, and how much of our actions are really determined by ourselves? Is our reactions and the way we act simply a consequence of the momentary and pinnacle events of the past?

During my day off, I went to the coffee shop and recorded events that happened during the coffee shop while I did my homework and reviewed for calculus, over a period of 6 hours.

Documenting each and every event, and the chain of sequences – cause and effect – of every observable action that happened in my line of vision during those 6 hours. What I found was, most of the actions and sequences that happened in the coffee shop, overlapped with one another and was like a barrage of sequences that pre-determined one another. For example, a lady spilled coffee on the ground, and because of this action, the barista had to clean up that mess, and thus because of that the kitchen became short staffed so a small lined formed at the coffee shop and the only reason the lady spill coffee was because the barista did not screw on the coffee lid fully. The eventual line, wasted the time of the individuals that waited in line and that probably lead to more consequential actions.

Most of the actions that happened during the period of 6 hours in the coffee shop were mostly directly or indirectly related to a direct or indirect action that preceded it. The way each person in the coffee shop acted was coherent – almost like a symphony – each and every person’s action imprint the actions of another: the customer’s choice to purchase coffee, incited the barista to make the product.

Everything in all, determinism as a whole, is too big of an idea to indeterminately submit a conclusion on. My day off was unable to provide me with the answer that i desperate seemed, however I can safely say that my experience at the coffee shop made me appreciate the concept of determinism more and what it stands behind. The concept of determinism is probably an idea that I will reflect upon my entire life, and I am glad to have a deeper understand of it through this excercise!


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