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PDO: A Time to Think

While getting ready to participate in PDO, I questioned the importance of this day itself and why it was necessary. I thought that as a student and as someone who is religious, these were the questions I was constantly pondering and reflecting on. I questioned how I would find a suitable way to contemplate my topic, as well as what artefacts I could bring to class to represent my thoughts.

After much thought, I decided to go to church, meditate, and go for a walk. Church is not something I go to uncommonly, however I haven’t gone in two months so I thought this would be the right time to start again. As for the meditation and the walk, I never really take the time to step away from my phone and other technology to reflect, so I thought PDO would be a good opportunity to do these things.

I went to church as planned, however I waited till later in the evening to meditate and go for a walk. To get myself in the right mindset, I wrote my first blogpost on metaphysics, which in itself was a time of reflection. Later, I ended up going to my apartment building which has a clubhouse on the 47th floor. Since it was raining, I sat outside undercover and meditated. After it got dark, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Some challenges I found in doing this was actually being able to focus deeply on a certain topic for a long period of time. Meditation is something I have learnt to practice, however I never do because it’s so difficult for me.      

The time I took to participate in PDO proved to be very valuable. My topic for metaphysics questions whether the physical universe depends on an intangible creator, so I spent time thinking about my understanding of the physical universe and what the ‘creator’ means to me. I also reflected on where I stand with religion, and what my original thoughts about how the universe was created. Since I am christian, I am biased to believe that God created the universe, however as I’ve grown older I have gone through periods of doubt. I have always been a skeptic, yet there is a part of me that can’t let go of religion and the idea of a creator. After looking at this topic from a scientific perspective and a religious perspective, I’ve come to the conclusion that we do need an intangible creator. This idea of a creator- which is usually related to religion in some way- gives people a sense of purpose or meaning. I think that metaphysical questions can be scary because in reality, we as humans are just small specs living in this expansive universe- we truly don’t know anything. I think this idea of a higher power gives many a sense of comfort, as well as a sense of security that humans crave. 

For my artefacts, I chose to collect items that represent the five elements of nature. I brought a lighter for fire, a piece of wood, scrap metal, a cup of water, and a bag of dirt. I thought it made sense to bring in the five elements because when reflecting on the creation of the universe, specifically Earth, its crazy to think about where these elements we encounter every single day actually came from. Whether it was brought on by the Big Bang or a creator, its undeniable that it created something incredible.


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