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Discussion – Afterlife VS Consciousness

Throughout the weekend, I spent some time with Sam discussing our topics to one another. I explained the stages of death, how there is a clinical, a biological, and then an unknown. I was extremely curious to know what her ideas on what afterlife is. There is no right or wrong answer to afterlife, it is solely based on what you think it is. What influences us to think what we think? Especially about something that is completely unknown, 0 out of the 7 billion people we have on this Earth knows 100% what happens in the third stage of death. No one that we know of in existence can state a clear fact as to what happens, and everyone’s thoughts is an opinion, an idea, or a theory. To me, this is mind boggling. The possibilities and thoughts are endless. So to hear one of my closest friends’ thoughts on it was very intriguing.

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Sam did her metaphysics assignment on consciousness. This ties in with my topic because I explained how I wanted to know further into the whole idea behind what happens to the Being, the soul, and your conscious. Thanks to our consciousness, we are able to make decisions, to be aware of our surroundings, to feel feelings, to understand, to learn. Where does all that go after we are to leave our physical bodies. Do we still feel? There’s a part of us that tells us from right or wrong, as Sam mentioned in her post, the “mini you” could be taken as the “good” in you. We won’t always make the best decisions – in fact, we all have regrets, things we should’ve done, things that should’ve happened. We live and we learn. If our conscious was to be materialized into a human being outside of our body, we would be reminded physically to make the right choices and to do the best for ourselves. Maybe that’s what death is like. The good of you comes out of your body after your physical body has become dysfunctional and worn out.

Do you think that our souls leave our bodies as we become “invincible”? Nothing could hurt us anymore – we are just brought up to heaven or hell (if there even is one) and …. then what?



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