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Phil’s Day Off: Self deception

Honestly, I think Phil’s day off was really interesting and different from all the assignments we’ve done so far as it gave me an opportunity to go beyond my comfort zone, go out and experience things I usually don’t do.  At first I was blank, I honestly took a whole day to just think about what I was going to do. After thinking for a whole day, I came up with an idea about asking strangers some philosophical questions regarding my topic: Self deception. I thought this would give me an understanding from different perspectives and not only from my point of view. I was actually really nervous as I didn’t know how it would turn out to be, how people would react to my questions and all those sorts of questions rose up and started haunting me for a while. I wrote down three philosophical questions( to make it simpler I gave explanation and examples for each of my questions)m like:

Self deception(definition): The action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or invalidated feeling, idea, or situation is true. Based on this, I’m going to ask you three questions ( Google )

1)- Do you think you can change your past based on this belief? If so how long could someone ignore their reality and believe in something false?
Example- It’s all to do with the human mind, it tends to react immediately to whatever happens. So if you think in a way, past could be something based on how you react to it.

2)- Have you ever had any experiences with dealing your reality with self deception?
(it could be something really ordinary or special)
3)- Personally do you think self deception is a good or bad approach to deal problems in life?

On Sunday, I decided to go to downtown, as I thought I should get out of town and meet some interesting people. My initial plan was to go to some coffee shop and meet people, but then however I ended up going Simon Fraser University. At first, I was totally blank when I met a girl from Hong Kong, I asked her these three questions which I had prepared and wrote down her answers. Corresponding to that, I met two other guys and asked them the same questions and noted down their answers too. At the end, It was beautiful to hear some interesting and very different views about this topic. This really gave me an opportunity to think in other people’s shoe. It gave me an awareness that one’s life experiences teaches us not only to be a better human, but also helps us in every accepts of life. Initially these three students had some struggles answering my questions, but then when they related these questions  to their own experiences they tend to easily answer my questions. Lastly, I would conclude this blog post by thanking Mr.Jackson for coming up with such an amazing assignment



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