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Plato’s Cave: I’m F.I.N.E

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What is the definition of depression? It is a state of feeling sad. A serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way. I have struggled with depression and I still am. Its a constant ongoing feeling that you can never shake off. Depression in my opinion brings you into a very dark state where you get absorbed in at anytime of the day, like you are being sucked into a black hole. Every moment that passes, it feels like you’re digging deeper into your grave. The funny thing about it is we help other people out through their struggles and their obstacles that they are going through. We try to be a warrior for them by saving them and we put ourselves out there but at the end of everything we ask ourselves “who is actually trying to save us?”

Depression like I said is a dark state that you go into. All you see is darkness. Negative thoughts start clouding your mind and you are now a prisoner within yourself. You’re chained up in your own prisoner’s cell but the catch is that, your prison cell door is wide open. It is a choice that you have made to put yourself in there. Just because you’re broken doesn’t mean you have to stay broken like what Selena Gomez said. What I got from Plato’s Cave is that you’re trapped in this made up world you have created for yourself. You’re in darkness and all you see is shadows. But when you finally take the first step to get out there, you see something brighter. You see new perspectives that you have never seen before. You got to get up, free yourself and walk out of your prisoners cell because after all, the gate was never locked. All of us have to realize that we need to stop acting so wounded. The only person that can pick you up, push back your shoulders, wipe the tears, mend the broken bones, and get you out of your slump is you. Now go and live, because there is so much to be happy about.


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