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We Discussed “Things”

During class on Thursday, at first I had a discussion with Jamie, Lyle, Jason, and Ashlee. The main topics that we discussed were things like what’s our reason of existence? or what is our purpose that we were put here, then next we discussed how we know what we know is actually what we know?? theeennn we went on and discussed the makeup of the universe like are we really possible of being here? but there’s more Ashlee and Lyle both brought up the topic of free will and questioned if there’s really free will. Jamie then though goes and questions Descartes and questioned his “logical syllogism proving that God exists”

The new ideas and what these new ideas influenced my inquiry were basically the same as above. After the discussion it left me wondering more and more as i seemed to think about it. It actually made me very intrigued by the fact that we are basically just little things in a huge world.

Some questions that i still have though is where do we seem to get our knowledge from? And how do we know we aren’t living a dream. There were a couple new questions that also came to me during the discussion, things like how do we know we aren’t just a flashback and there’s an older you that is currently dying. Lastly the thing that I want to explore further is knowledge, as in how do we seem to come to conclusion and say what is what it is and what isn’t.

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