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Discussions That Invoked More Questions Than They Answered

Before my Phil’s day off, I had the opportunity in class to discuss my topic and questions with a few of my peers, Kamakshi, Camille and Hana. At first, it was reletively hard to find any comparisons at all. We sort of grouped all of our topics under the very large umbrella of metaphysics. However, upon further inspection we were able to find some similarities within our topics: originality, taoism, reality and abstract objects.

All these things didn’t seem to relate at all to my topic of originality until I took a deeper look into my sub-questions. My first one having been relating to Descartes theory: I am a thing that thinks. This related to Kamakshi’s topic of taoism mainly because both taoism and Descartes theory are all about perception, and what is believed to be true. Taoism is a “truth” that exists seen by it’s followers much like the only truth known to exist is “the thing that thinks” by people who prescribe to Descartes theory. These two concepts can relate to reality and what is seen as reality or one’s perception of reality. These perceptions of reality can also be linked to Hana’s topic of abstract objects. Though Hana went more into depth about how abstract objects exist and how there is a “perfect” or “ideal” form of an abstract object was, this discussion could be linked to many abstract concepts like beliefs, being and self. Originality has fore the most part been seen as a concrete idea, however my questions continued to pick at if it can really hold much meaning within current day society. For example, if someone had the idea to create a pen, even if that were a hypothetically “original” idea, by even thinking of constructing the pen from materials found on Earth would technically  be deriving your idea from something else. Therefore, in the words of Aiden Darby, “You would have to create the universe for your pen to be original.” These discussions honestly left me more confused then ever because I kept circling back to the very confusing idea of if Descartes theory is seen as true, you can’t prove anything else exists or existed, therefore your ideas could not have been derived from something else making all of your ideas original?

When talking about further discussions or questions I have, there is no shortage. I hope to gain a clearer picture of the relationship between Descartes theory and originality. I also hope to find a at least partial conclusion to if original ideas exist. I believe I could also benefit from some more readings to try to fully understand my topic to the best of my capabilities because currently I am a giant tornado of confusion and questioning.

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